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Zathus' AchievementsEdit

Already Existing ContentEdit

Mirror Mirror: Return to spawn using a teleportation item other than a Recall Potion. (Collector)

True Terrarian: Defeat every boss on Expert Mode. (Slayer)

The Alchemist: Create, and use every type of potion craftable. (Collector)

One Thousand Blows: Achieve 100 Defense through any means, be it potions, armor, and accessories. (Challenger)

Carpenter: Make 500 pieces of furniture. (Challenger)

Hidden In Plain Sight: Kill a Mimic. (Slayer).

Call of the Wild: Equip, and use every mount. (Challenger)

New ContentEdit

Last Stand: Defeat Sir Sampson The Third, tyrannical ruler of the Purple Army. (Slayer)

Owner of Worlds: Meet Overlord Redgit, creator of the universe as we know it. (Adventurer)

Servant of Light: Complete 5 of Overlord Redgit's quests.

Into Shadow: Delve into the Shallows, a twisted world of chaos and evil. (Adventurer)

Judgment Day: Cast Onethaci, sadist ruler of the Shallows, into the pits of oblivion. (Slayer)

Lost Martyr: Overpower a Shallows Conquest, where the demons of the Shallows come to avenge their fallen leader. (Slayer)

Truly Awesome: Use and equip every item that Sir Sampson drops, as part of the Sampson Awesome set. (Collector)

The Planet Devourer

SmasherOAltArz's Achievements:Edit

Smasher Of Altars: Smash 20 Demon/Crimson Altars. (Adventurer)

Release Me From My Curse!!!: Talk To The Old Man And Summon Skeletron. (Challenger)

Love For Mechs: Buy 100 Or More Wires From The Mechanic. (Collector)

Lord Of The Corruptible: Kill The Planet Devourer, A Lifesized Worm Who Creeps Around In The Corruption. (Slayer)

Lunar Faceplant: Triumph Over The Lunar Revenge, An Ancient Cultists' Life. (Challenger)

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