The Bloodshadow Suit is a suit. From blood and shadows. 

Necromancers HelmetEdit

Make with: 20 Tearstone bars, The necro helmet,

Defence: 40

Bonus: NPCs, hostile or not, are highlited in a 19 block raidius with a red light. Also, a 50% Damage boost in Evil stuff (Demon Scythe, etc) Also, all bonus the Necromancers WHOLE set would give!

Mouse over: A Helmet of blood and tears. Not very good with the girls.

Demons BreastplateEdit

Make with: 35 Tearstone Bars, the Hellstone Breastplate

Defence: 50

Bonus: A small light effect 5 blocks around you. Also, ALL bonuses from the set of Hellstone.

Mouse over: You can hear the dark spirits watching. Or is it just the wind?

Blood LeggingsEdit

Make with: 25 Tearstone Bars, Crimson Pants

Defence: 40

Bonus: A Cloud In A Balloon effect and a lucky horseshoe effect. Also the Whole of the Crimset.

Mouse over: Aye mate! Ye' be bleeding in your pants?

Full SetEdit

10 defence bonus, gives the stackable Blood Frenzy buff each time you deal 100 damage.