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Buffs and debuffs. Buffs and debuffs. Buffs and-You get my point.

Judbuds IdeasEdit


Blood FrenzyEdit

Effect: Each 100 damage dealt, you have 1.1x defence, move 1.1x faster, and attack 1.1x as fast.

Time: Stays 5 seconds.

Get it from: Bloodshadow Suit set bonus


Elsa's curseEdit

Effect: Get to max HP within 20 seconds of getting the debuff, or you DIE. (do it in 15 seconds if hit by head)

Time: 20/15 seconds

Get from: Elsa's Fear second phase.

Zathus' IdeasEdit

Nighmares: A debuff. You take 5% of your total health damage over 5 seconds. Purple souls of evil spin around your body while under this effect. It is gottten from most creatures of the Shallows, a new dimension created by me.

Guilt: Another debuff. It is gotten after killing a creature from the Hallows, or Cloud Acropolis(randomly occuring structure). It makes you move slower, and attack slower. You also take extra damage from Holy sources. Lasts 30 seconds.

Heaven Might: A buff that is gotten from killing the Onethaci, in the Shallows. Since Onethaci is dead, the Overlord Redgit will award you with a powerful effect that lasts forever, even after death. It alows you to regenerate 5 HP every second, and the effect Potion Sickness will never occur again. This effect is not given until you speak with Overlord Redgit in the Cloud Acropolis.

Ambidextrous: A buff that allows the player to carry a secondary weapon. A second slot will appear in the top left corner for yu to equip ANY secondary weapon, tool, or even an item such as a torch! It lasts 5 minutes, and is gotten from drinking a Helping Hand Potion.

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