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Buffs and debuffs. Buffs and debuffs. Buffs and-You get my point. Edit

Judbuds IdeasEdit


Blood FrenzyEdit

Effect: Each 100 damage dealt, you have 1.1x defence, move 1.1x faster, and attack 1.1x as fast.

Time: Stays 5 seconds.

Get it from: Bloodshadow Suit set bonus


Elsa's curseEdit

Effect: Get to max HP within 20 seconds of getting the debuff, or you DIE. (do it in 15 seconds if hit by head)

Time: 20/15 seconds

Get from: Elsa's Fear second phase.

Zathus' IdeasEdit

Nighmares: A debuff. You take 5% of your total health damage over 5 seconds. Purple souls of evil spin around your body while under this effect. It is gottten from most creatures of the Shallows, a new dimension created by me.

Guilt: Another debuff. It is gotten after killing a creature from the Hallows, or Cloud Acropolis(randomly occuring structure). It makes you move slower, and attack slower. You also take extra damage from Holy sources. Lasts 30 seconds.

Heaven Might: A buff that is gotten from killing the Onethaci, in the Shallows. Since Onethaci is dead, the Overlord Redgit will award you with a powerful effect that lasts forever, even after death. It alows you to regenerate 5 HP every second, and the effect Potion Sickness will never occur again. This effect is not given until you speak with Overlord Redgit in the Cloud Acropolis.

Ambidextrous: A buff that allows the player to carry a secondary weapon. A second slot will appear in the top left corner for yu to equip ANY secondary weapon, tool, or even an item such as a torch! It lasts 5 minutes, and is gotten from drinking a Helping Hand Potion.

Memepersonthing's ideas Edit

Slime Curse: Received from the Slime God during phase 3. Does one damage every second for five seconds, then two damage every second for ten seconds, then five damage per second for three seconds, and then does 15 damage every second for two seconds.

Helping Gel: Gained by swinging a Gel Sword. Gives 1 HP per 10 ticks for two seconds.