Extractine is the father of Cthulu, and the TRUE FINAL BOSS OF TERRARIA! It is summoned using Orb of Pure Evil, and, as it is the TRUE FINAL BOSS, it has 7 (yes, 7) phases.

Phase 1: Eye of INTENSE VenganceEdit

He is simply an eye....Of Vengance! However, this one has 2x stats.

Phase 2: Mechanical MindEdit

This is the interesting part. IT regenerates from the one eye to the brain-2 eye system, causing a battle with a 3x buffed Mechanical Mind connected to 2 EoVs!

Phase 3: Head of ChaosEdit

It regenerates the whole head, evoking a battle that is in none other then this page!

Head of ChaosEdit

The HoC has 99999 HP, 333 Defence, and 6666 Damage with its laser and 99999 damage with hit.

Phase 4: Raging HeadEdit

Basically the HoC with 1/2 HP, 111 Defence, 2x Damage, and 2x Fire rate.

Phase 5: Chaos OrbEdit

A black ball. This ball has a 30% of reflecting ANY attack, 30% to be innume to it, and a 40% chance to take half damage. Oh, it has 9001 HP and 1336 damage if it hits you.

Phase 6: Shadow BodyEdit

As if a black ball was not bad enough, now you must battle a black body with a 33% of an attack going right through it, 66999 HP, and 2672 damage.


A black Cthulu with glowing red eyes and a more demonic appearance, IT is a real problem. It has 1,000,000 HP (WTH), stands still, and fires black bolts, lasers, and trys to hit you with claws each doing 1000, 3000, and 7000 damage respectivly.

The DropsEdit

DrillXtreme Pounding Bladesaw

999 Unobtanium Coins

World Ender