The jack-O-lord is the final boss of the Pumpkin Moon event. It appears in the middle of the battle, staying still, until it uses one of its skills.


Charges up a green bolt, and shoots it at you. it move sorta fast, and homes in on you. The only way to stop it is to deal 1000 damage to it. If not, it deals 150 damage to YOU and stuns you for 5 seconds.

Head shoot: Takes of its pumpkin head, and throws it at you, dealing 1000 damage (Its easy to dodge) and summoning 10 Headless Horsemen where it lands.

Minion summon: Its red eyes glow, and it spawns 10 Pumpkings, 20 Mourning Woods, and 25 Headless Horsemen.


500,000 HP, 100 defence, 10% of the damage is deflected back at you (Like Thorn Potion)


Darkness Fear

Grim Reapers' Scythe

Ancient Script

Red Crystal

Death Orb (10-15)