The Joy Eraser is a weapon droppable from the Eye of the Bone Catalyst, but only during his Shallows Conquest form. It is ranged and only uses HEALTH as a weapon. It can be charged for stronger attaccks, but more health is sacrificed. The charge levels and damage is listed below. It is unretiveable by means other than killing the Eye of the Bone Catalyst.

Charge LevelsEdit

0 seconds: 50 damage, 15 health.

1-3 seconds: 110 damage, 35 health.

4-8 seconds: 180 damage, 50 health.

9-13 seconds: 270 damage, 80 health.

14-22 seconds: 480 damage, 100 health.

23-30 seconds: 850 damage, 150 health.


-It is a recolored spellbook, like Crystal Storm or Demon Scythe, but is Dark Purple and Orange.

-If you have the Pure Heart Stone, the health deduction isn't that much of a problem.