The Lunar Revenge Is A Post-Moonlord Event That Can Be Summoned At Anytime By The Celestial Charm.

Startup Wave: Celestial Slimes X5

Wave 1: Milkyway Weavers X5, Celestial Slimes X10

Wave 2: Milkyway Weavers X10, Vortexians X5, Celestial Slimes X20                                    

Wave 3: Milkyway Weavers X20, Vortexians X10, Brain Sucklers X5, Celestial Slimes X35

Wave 4: Milkyway Weavers X35, Vortexians X20, Brain Sucklers X10, Srollers X5, Celestial Slimes X50

Wave 5: Lunar Corruptor (MINIBOSS) X1, All Of Above X10-100

Wave 6: All Of Above X2-200, Stargazers X5, Lunar Corruptor X2

Wave 7: All Of Above X4-400, Stargazers X10, Alien Larvae X5 (Can't Grow), Lunar Corruptor X2, Phantom Thief (BOSS) X1

Wave 8: All Of Above X8-800, Stargazers X20, (Can Grow Into Hornets) Alien Larvae X10, Evolution Beast X5

Wave 9: All Of Above X16-1600, Stargazers X35, (Can Grow Into Queens) Alien Larvae X20, Evolution Beast X10, Selenians X5, Phantom Thief X2

Wave 10: All Of AboveX32-3200, Armored Cultist (MINIBOSS)X1

Wave 11: All Of AboveX2-6400, Small And Normal Star CellX5

Wave 12: WS-9 X4-12800,Small And Normal Star CellX10, Storm DiverX5

Wave 13: WS-9 X8-25600,Small And Normal Star CellX20, Storm DiverX10, PredictorX5

Wave 14: WS-9 X16-51200, Small And Normal Star CellX35, Storm DiverX20, PredictorX10, CoriteX5

Wave 15: All Lunar Pillar EnemiesX100 (10 For Crawltipedes), Celestial SlimesX102400, Moon Corpse (FINAL BOSS)X1


1.Cannot Be Skipped By Bloddy Meteor

2.This Message Appears In The Chat When It Is Auto-Summoned 'The Celestial Creatures Are Seeking Their Revenge!'