The Mecha is a Miniboss that randomly spawns in deserts. It has 2 forms and 5000 health. Being a hard mode boss, it does drop hallowed bars, as well as Adamantite Ore.

Form 1Edit

The Mecha is a ground enemy, and rarely jumps. It has 2 plasma swords that do 80 damage. It can do a dash attack where it runs 50 blocks, this does 50 damage and does a large amount of knockback even with a cobalt shield or obsidian shield. It has 100 defense in this form, and is immune to ALL debuffs.

Form 2Edit

The Mecha discards the swords and replaces them with a laser Gatling gun and a Railgun. It turns to this form at 2000 health. The laser Gatling gun can shoot the lasers drones shoot and shoots at the same rate of a minishark, and does 20 damage. The railgun can shoot diagonally and up and down. It has a jetpack so it does fly, but it does not pass through blocks like a lot of other flying enemies. When it touches the ground it will walk and if it touches a wall or ceiling it will bounce off.


  • Railgun 100%
  • Hallowed Bars 5-10 80%
  • Adamentite Ore 10-20 65%