Overlord Redgit is the ruler of The Cloud Acropolis, and the creator of the Terrarian world. He is an NPC after you finsh all his quests in the Cloud Acropolis. Unlike other NPCs he has 1000 Health, and regenerates it all after 7 seconds. He sells different things at diverse times, and events throughout the game. Trust me, by the time he is an NPC no shop items are OP. This is the only way to get the Angelic Set, and/or Holy Tools.



Excalibur- 2 Platinum Coins.

Brightstone Lance- 4 Platinum Coins.

Holyarc Pickaxe- 5 Platinum Coins.

Pureheart Axe- 3 Platinum Coins.

Soulsteel Hammer- 3 Platinum Coins.


Angelic Helmet- 12 Platinum Coins.

Angelic Chestplate- 18 Platinum Coins.

Angelic Leggings- 16 Platinum Coins.

Angelic Boots- 10 Platinum Coins.

Blood MoonEdit

Helping Hand Potion- 1 Gold Coin.

Greater Healing Potions- 2 Silver.

Shallows ConquestEdit

Pure Heart Stone- 50 Platinum Coins.