These are rules i expect EVERYONE to follow.

Block points

If you break a rule, you get Block Points. If you get:

3 Bp: 1 day ban

10 Bp: 3 day ban

22 Bp: 1 week ban

32 Bp: 1.5 week ban

50 Bp: 2.5 week ban

70 Bp: 1 month ban

100 Bp: 1.5 month ban

125 Bp: 2 month ban

200 Bp: 5 month ban

300 Bp: 10 month ban

500 Bp: Perma-ban

1. User rules

1.1. Everyone is equal.

If your an admin, Dont abuse powers or tease other people! Everyone is equal. 0.2 block points. If serious, lose admin powers and 1 block point.

1.2. Be social. (reccomended, but not required)

Hang out with your wiki freinds! Check out the chat! Etc.

2. Comment rules

2.1. No Threatening

Simple. No saying "AND YOU OTHER USERS! (knifes other users)" Like someone on another wiki i know....Worth 1 block point

2.2. No flamewarring

No flamewarring. I cant stop it, but i can enforce it. If you get in a all-out flamewar thats REALLY serious, 1 block point.

2.3. No necrobumping (reccomended)

Its not huge, but please dont reply to a post more then a month old. 

3. Community rules

If you go anywhere were children may be watching, Dont:

3.1. Stay young

No Super-violent things, no sex, drugs, etc. 5 block points. (SERIOUS)

3.2. No swearing

No swearing. Minor words like CRAP! can go by, but huge use gives 3 block points. Super-bad, uncensorded words give 25 block points.

4. Forum rules

4.1. No necrobumping

see above.

4.2. No usless stuff

If you make something usless on the forums like "Forum name: Blakjdoas Contains: aohduiaghfzackshaodhao," then it WILL be deleted and you get 1 Bp

4.3. No copying

If you copy something THATS ALREADY ON THE WIKI, then 3 Bp and deleted.