Prestige is a new mechanic in Terraria. When you make a character for the second, third, etc times, you can choose to use prestige. The farther you get in the game, the more prestige you get. Each prestige, you jump 1% higher, have 1% more defence, attack 1% faster, and do 1% more damage. You get prestige for:

50 monsters killed: 1 prestige.

100 monsters killed: 1 prestige.

EoC killed: 2 prestige.

500 monsters killed: 3 prestige.

EoW killed: 4 prestige.

Skeletron killed: 5 prestige.

1250 monsters killed: 5 prestige.

Hardmode entered: 7 prestige.

1 mech boss killed: 8 prestige.

2 mech bosses killed: 8 prestige.

All mech bosses killed: 9 prestige.

Plantera killed: 10 prestige.

2000 monsters killed: 10 pretsige.

1 Waved Event destroyed: 11 prestige.

2 Waved Events destroyed: 11 prestige.

Golem Slain: 11 prestige.

4000 monsters killed: 12 prestige.

Lunatic Cultist defeated: 12 prestige.

Martian Madness completed: 13 prestige.

Celestial Pillars defeated: 15 prestige.

8000 monsters slain: 16 prestige.

Moon Lord defeated: 20 prestige.

15000 monsters killed: 20 prestige.

25000 monsters killed: 26 prestige.

50000 monsters killed: 32 prestige.

100000 monsters killed: 48 prestige.

200000 monsters killed: 64 prestige.

300000 monsters killed: 80 prestige.

500000 monsters killed: 96 presitige

3 Waved Events destroyed: 12 prestige.

NPC unbound: 6 prestige.

Demon/Crimson Altar destroyed: 5 prestige.

NPC killed (no voodoo doll): -3 prestige.

Died: -2 prestige.

Died from Chaos State debuff: -6 prestige.

Died from "horrified" debuff: -10 prestige.

Kill a critter: -4 prestige.

Trading PrestigeEdit

You can Trade prestige for bonus starting stats.

20 P: 1 farther Block Placing range

30 P: 5% more damage on weapons.

20 P: 1 more Block jump height.

30 P: 3 starting defence.

100 P: All boosts above.

60 P: All healing items are 15% more effective.

60 P: All mana-restoration items are 15% more effective.

75 P: 13% more damage on all weapons.

140 P: All healing and mana-restoration items are 30% more effective.

220 P: 3 farther block placing range, 16% more damage on all weapons, 2 more block jump height, 6 starting defense, all healing and mana-restoration items are 45% more effective.

Special FeaturesEdit

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When you reach certain numbers of prestige, you can unlock special bosses, events, and tools.

Judbuds ideasEdit

Etheral Souls at: 60

Rematch at: 100

Zathus' IdeasEdit

These are all very difficult tasks, so none of these are OP or UP in any way.

-Enter The Shallows: +15 prestige.

-Find the Cloud  Acropolis: +8 prestige.

-Finish 3 quests: +3 prestige.

-Kill Harvenger of Death: +7 prestige.

-Kill Eye of The Bone Catalyst: +8 prestige.

-Kill Onetheci, and Finish All Quests: +16 prestige.

-Slay 100 Shallows monsters: +4 prestige.

-Slay 500 Shallows monsters: +7 prestige.

-Slay 2000 Shallows monsters: +12 prestige.

-End the Shallows Conquest(Event): +14 prestige.