The Reaper is a reoccuring enemy in the Shallows. It never appears unless you place a light source. It will break the light source, and then attack you. The light source cannot be picked up after the Reaper breaks it. This is made by ZathusTheMageV.


A Reaper is a tall figure, always in a dark shredded cloak. It is skeletal, and has the face of a person, but badly scarred, and cut. It carrys a massive scythe, that is made of Chaos Gemstone.


Hopefully you have good armor and weapons, because this dimension is brutal.

Health: 350.

Damage: 20-30.

Attack Rate: Every 1.5 seconds.

Resistance: Chaos Weaponry, Arrows.

Weakness: Holy Weaponry from The Cloud Acropolis

Speed: 2 tiles a second.

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