The reincarnated Soul is a golden wraith that has a 2% chance to replace a normal wraith if you have at least 1 Prestige. This demon has 640 HP, a whopping 300 attack, and its deadly immunity to all Flame Effects. it can also summon 3 normal wraiths, and will do so at 320 HP and at 0 HP. Luckily, unlike other wraiths, this one attacks only if you attack it first or any of its brethen within 5 blocks of it. They can also shoot somthing like Chaos Bolts, and they shoot a quick barrage of 3 before charging at you thrice. Each ball does 80 damage and stuns for 1 second, making you an easy target for this deadly foe.

It drops multiple items:

2 Platinum

5-10 Golden Spirit

Fear Fuser (33.3%)