The Shallows Conquest is RANDOMLY occuring event after you kill the Onetheci. The creatures of the Shallows seek revenge for you being the cause of their banishment. It is set up like any other event, but can be really dang difficul if you dont have Angelic Armor.

Composed OfEdit

It is of 5000 Shallows enemies, but most of the specific ones are listed below.

-1200 Reapers.

-1000 Harvesters of Souls.

-1000 Nightcrawlers.

-800 Shadow Golems

-998 Chaos Keepers

-1 Harvenger of Death, and 1 Eye of the Bone Catalyst(at the same time). The two bosses ALSO appear at a random time.


This will bestow upon you Shallows monsters drops during the event, and only certain items that can be earned from this event, such as the Joy Eraser, or World Tearer. You are also given a free Nihtrachi and 300 Nexus Arrows.