Souls of Smite are a soul type dropped by the Water God. Souls of Smite are green leveled, so for the slim they appear in lava they are GONE!

They are used in crafting many lightning-based and anti-undead items, after all they are Souls of SMITE.
Anti-Zombie Soul

Though has been smitten!

Crafted InEdit

Staff of SmiteEdit

  • 25 Souls of Smite
  • 15 Hallowed Bars


  • 1 Pwnhammer
  • 20 Souls of Smite
  • 1 Zombie Banner
  • 1 Zombie Arm
  • 1 Zombie Eskimo Banner

Jetpack MK. IIEdit

  • 10 Souls of Smite
  • 1 Jetpack
  • 30 Ichor

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