Spectral Regret is a boss consisting of four wraiths in random colors (meaning one time one could be meganta, while the next its purple) it also has 2 phases, 2500 health, and 23 defense, it is summoned by a 1% chance after killing a wraith                                         

Phase One Edit

The Spectral Regret in this form is very slow, it summons wraiths everytime its hit, with every hit, The Spectral Regret gets faster. Once it reaches 1000 health is when it goes into its second phase.

Phase Two Edit

In this form The Spectral Regrets are all spinning in a circular motion, they charge at you like Queen Bee, while summoning a Golden Shower beam to attack for about 10 seconds, after that they summon five wraiths, than it just repeats from there.

Drops Edit

  • 35 Spooky Wood 100%
  • 10 Souls of Light 50%
  • 10 Souls of Night 60%
  • Corruption/Crimson Key/Keymold 10%
  • 5-10 Gold Coins 100%
  • Sticker Staff(Summons A Wall Of Ichor) 20%