A special soldier boss! After defeating the Moon Lord, you can build a "Suspicious Beacon" to summon him. He looks like a Terrarian! He has hair 1, in a super dark brown color. He has lighter white skin, and he has a white sweatshirt, thick, baggy camo pants, and brown boots.

When that happens, a camouflage jet flies over and he jumps out. No boss roar, but instead a short military drum jingle.

Then in the message box it'll say ,in the purple boss text, "You're finished!"

He has an assault rifle with massive damage.


Health: 50k

Walkspeed: 34mph, 200+ on blink attacks

Defense: He has only one part on him, himself. He has 70 defense.


Shoot - He'll unload a mag on you! This attack has a cooldown of 4 seconds. Base DMG - 40 per shot and all ignore invincibility frames. He uses this move if you're charging at him on the ground.

Pulse Shoot - If you move into the air, he'll fire at your location in a short pulse of 5 shots. If you move, he'll pulse shoot again at your new location. Base damage - 40 per shot, every two shots ignore invincibility frames

Katana Dash - He has a katana! He'll do a blink where he hits on contact and then appear behind you. If you don't hit or move fast enough, he'll move towards you and try to stab you. Base damage - 40 This move is triggered if you have your back turned to him for more then a second.

Stab - After a successful dash, he will do this move if you don't hit back or move away within 1.5 seconds. Inflicts the bleeding effect and does about 100 base damage.

Disarm - If you meet all three of the criteria:

  1. You were just hit by a dash.
  2. You did not move away or hit back in time.
  3. A randomizer that rolls between 1 and 10 says a number of at least 7

Then he won't stab you, and instead will make you drop whatever weapon you are holding. The minimum of the randomizer is reduced to at least 5 if you were mid-swing when the 1.5 seconds ran out.

Final Combo - If he has successfully performed

He will say things in the chat area depending on what's going on.

"Too slow!" Triggered by a successful stab.

"Think fast!" Attempting to disarm.

"You're terrible!" Player is it by a full mag's worth of shots

"Don't move!" Dashing/Attempting to pulse shoot

Once you reduce him to 20k health he gets 20% faster and does 20% more damage but loses 20% defense.