The Empress is one of the 2 final bosses of hard mode, the other being The Emperor. She has 2 forms, so could be considered easier to kill than The Emperor, with his 4 stages.

The first form of the Empress.

She can be summoned by using a Suspicious Looking Tiara in the Hallow.

Form 1Edit

In this form The Empress has 18000 health and 80 defense. She can shoot a beam of light which can go through blocks and does 75 damage. She can also shoot 3 different kinds of orbs to deal different debuffs. Red orbs give the On Fire! debuff, blue orbs give the frozen debuff, and green ones give the Cursed Flame debuff. The Empress can also shoot lasers out of here body in an X pattern then a + pattern very quickly the lasers do 70 damage. The Empress can also make it rain fireballs and make water dangerous for 7 seconds.

Form 2Edit


The exposed mechanical smoke machine.

The Empress dissolves revealing a small and feeble-looking machine. This machine has 2000 health and 20 defense. It can do the same laser attack as the first form, however this is done much more often and does 90 damage. It can also shoot an arced wave of lasers at the player to do 75 damage, this attack is somewhat uncommon and is always done 3 times in a row.