The Shallows is a new DIMENSION found in Terraria. It is dark, and nightmarish, nothing like the bright magma zone that is the Underworld. It is always dark, but you can hardly see. Light sources can be placed, but if they are, a Reaper will appear, and destroy it. There are a variety of twisted, tainted, and corrupt creatures in store. It is ALWAYS night, with a red moon that is always full. It also has a skeleton face etched in it. It can be found after killing all Hardmode bosses, and if you go to the  very left of the world every other Terraria day, there should be a portal. You must cross the ocean though. Just know that if you enter, there is no coming back... Just for the record this was created by ZathusTheMageV.


It is always a dark place, so get ready for some evil-based tiles. The only way to leave is death, or by killing the Onethaci.

Deathrock: The surface, and the first few layers below the surface re made of this material. It is black, with the texture of stone, it needs at least a Molten Pickaxe to break.

Shadowsilt: The middle layers add this to the mix, even though it is still mostly Deathstone down on the middle layer. It is purple, with the texture of sand. Requires a Nightmare pickaxe at least.

Chaos Gemstone: One of the ores. It is used to create Chaos Anvils which are the only type that can create Chaotic Tools. It is purple, but shiny always emitting a creepy purple light.

Venomite Ore: Another ore, and more common than Chaos Gemstone. It is practically the Gold of the Shallows. It can be used to create Venomite Tools, and can use a Mithril Anvil at least. It is bright green, and the texture of Silver.

Nexus Crystal Ore: The absolute strongest, and most rare of the Shallows ore set. It is pure black, but lets out a red light every three seconds. Its tools can only be created on a Chaos Anvil. Its toolset is the absolute best you can find.


This is a name list. Find details on their individual pages.

Common EnimiesEdit

Reaper, Nightcrawler, Harvester of Souls, Chaos Keeper, Shadow Golem.

Exclusive BossesEdit

Harvenger of Death, Eye of the Bone Catalyst, Onetheci (oh-neth-a-kai).

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