The doom is the final terraria fight and can be accessed by defeating the moon lord in expert mode. when killed in expert mode, the moon lord has a 0.1% cance to drop The doom charm witch summons the doom event. Upon winning, you will get a message saying "the world is cured of evil" and you will earn the achievement "Ultimate Hero".You will also unlock a new slot for a new world.


Bosses/Monsters Edit



shadow(700 health)

Apocle(2000 health)

death(300 health)

chaos(1000 health)

confusion(4000 health)



possesed armor


Destroyer of worlds (100,000 health)

thing of aniahlation (200,000 health)

Eye creature (150,000 health)

the End (800,000 health)

Waves Edit

Wave 1:Zombies

Wave 2:Zombies, Ghosts

Wave 3:Zombies, Ghosts, Possesed armor

Wave 4:Zombies, Ghosts, Possesed armor, Wraith

Wave 5:Zombies, Ghosts, Possesed Armor, Wraith, Death

Wave 6:Possesed armor, Wraith, Reaper, Death, Shadow

Wave 7:Zombies, Possesed armor, Wraith, Reaper, Death, Shadow, Chaos, Apocle

Wave 8:Wraith, Reaper, Death, Shadow, Chaos, Apocle, Confusion

Wave 9:Zombies, Wraith, Reaper, Death, Shadow, Chaos, Apocle, Conusion, Eye creature

Wave 10:Zombies, Wraith, Reaper, Death, Shadow, Apocle, Eye creature, Destroyer of worlds

Wave 11:Zombies, Reaper, Death, Shadow, Apocle, Eye creature, Destroyer of Worlds, Thing of Aniahlation

Wave 12:Zombies, Reaper, Apocle, Eye creature, Destroyer of Worlds, Thing of Aniahlation

wave 13:Zombies, The End

Wave 14:Zombies, Thing of Aniahlation, The End

Wave 15:Zombies, Destroyer of Worlds, Thing of Aniahlation, Eye creature, The End

after all 15 Waves The guaranted End will spawn. The Guaranteed end is Cthulhus Father and has a whopping 1,000,000 health.

he will drop

30 - 40 Gold (100%)

10-20 Platinum (100%)


He will drop one of the following

True S.D.M.G(100 Ranged damage)

True Meowmere(350 Melee Damage)

True Last Prism(200 Magic Damage)

True Rainbow Crystal Staff(200 Summon Damage)

True Terrarian(200 Melee Damage)

it will also drop 100 True Souls

you can then craft the best weapons in the game

Whale Gun( S.D.M.G + Celebration + True S.D.M.G + 20 True Souls. 400 Ranged Damage)

Final Blade(Meowmere + Star Wrath + True Meowmere + 20 True Souls. 400 Melee Damage)

Mystic Prism(Last Prism + Lunar Flare + True Last Prism + 20 True Souls. 400 Magic Damage)

Laser Staff(Rainbow Crystal Staff + Lunar Portal Staff + True Rainbow Crystal Staff + 20 True Souls. 400 Summon Damage)

and that's the death!

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