The Water God is a hard mode boss very similar to Skeletron. The Water a God is summoned with a Nurse Voodoo Doll when the voodoo doll is thrown in water and left long enough for a player with no special equipment (such as diving gear) to start to drown. Unlike most bosses, the Water God can be fought at day or night.

Bubble Bubble...

Stage 1Edit

In stage 1 The Water God's head is immune to damage. You must fight his hands to overcome this part of the fight.

Left ArmEdit

The Water God's left arm has 5000 health and has 40 defense. It can move at the speed of a Gastropod. The left arm can shoot blue fireballs which gives the player the On Fire! debuff, deals 75 damage, and if the player is underwater, the fireball also decreases their oxygen level by three bubbles. The left arm also can also shoot a blue grenade which does 100 damage regardless of defense, however this is uncommon.

Right ArmEdit

The Right arm of the Water God has 7000 health but only 15 defense. The right arm moves at the speed of a Hornet. This arm can set itself on fire and slam into the ground, inflicting a max of 125 damage onto the player. It also can do a slide attack across the ground, much like the Queen Bee's this attack does at max 75 damage.

The HeadEdit

Despite the Water God's head not being very involved in this fight it can still attack. The only attack the head preforms in Stage 1 is the charge attack Skeletron does, this attack can do up to 50 damage.

Stage 2Edit

With both arms gone, the Water God gets enraged and summons 35 Water Gremlins, in this stage the head is still immune to damage.

Water GremlinsEdit

These guys are blue texture swaps of Goblin Thieves. Each Gremlin has 450 health and 20 defense. Water Gremlins also shoot water spheres like a dark caster, these one do 60 damage and have 75 health, however.

Stage 3Edit

The Water God now has to fight with his head, do to losing both other alternatives. The head has 12000 health and 60 defense. The head can use the abilities of both arms, which are now gone. The head can also start emitting lightning all around itself and chase the player until either it has taken 500 damage or it has been chasing the player for 10 seconds, if this attack is successful, the player takes a max of 125 damage.


  • 1 Day Stone 25% (If defeated during the day)